Learning How To Learn


Context: Learning has two dimensions the explicit and the tacit.

Finished: Nov 22, 2020

Nuggets done by Daniel Yubi


The Learning Iceberg


Learning has two dimensions the explicit and the tacit.

  • The visible part of learning (iceberg) comes into manuals, instructions and procedures. This is knowledge transfers.
  • The Tacit knowledge, is the bottom part, not visible. Information cannot be classified with order.
    • E.g. meeting with people, talking with others, observe other practices.
  • John Seely Brown challenges, real knowledge is not taught, it is experiences in the form of unwritten stories and conversation.

The Three Ingredients


  • Knowledge becomes the what: Processes, structures and context
  • Skills becomes the How: Instructions and Facts;
  • Motivation is the why: Point of view, shared understanding.

The C's of Learning


  • Conceptualizing: translates the why into the what
  • Coordination: Converts the what to the how
  • Consolidation: You link the outcome of the how of a training back to the workplace, requirement, the why you started doing a training program or learning something new.